Hello! I’m Grace.

This blog is all about using God’s creation for health, beauty, and well-being.

As I read my way through many herbal blogs on the internet, I noticed that almost all of them were directed to moms, and there were none directed to young people interested in using herbs. So, here is one of the first blogs directed to the younger generation interested in learning about all the herbs our Creator has provided for us! I hope you enjoy and learn from it.

This is Braatwurst

I live on a small farm with a flock of chickens, ducks, a goose and a couple of Dachshunds. My family has a variety of food allergies, and are working on healing our bodies with real food, and of course, herbs. You will usually find me outside in the garden, mixing up some kind of herbal concoction, making the kitchen look like a disaster zone, or putting together flower arrangements.

I hope you enjoy Grace of Herbs!