How to Identify: Plantain

Plantain is fairly easy to identify, I don’t know of any similar looking plants. This plant has many beneficial uses, such as easing the pain of bee stings and stinging nettle, itching of a mosquito bite, healing cuts and scrapes, and the list goes on and on. When infusing oil with plantain, the oil begins to smell of salami after about two weeks! This is completely normal. We have Plantain growing all around our yard, and you probably do too, but if you don’t, you can buy it here.  You can also buy seeds here. These are the main characteristics of Plantain:

  1. There are 7-8 leaves on each plant
  2. At the base of each stem it is purple
  3. It has very pronounced vertical veins on the back of each leaf
  4. It has tall flower stalks when it goes to seed, which is right now at least in my area.
  5. The leaves are slightly hairy.


Right now is the best time to look for Plantain as it is going to seed. So, get out there and take a look around your yard! I bet you’ll find some!

What is sad is that Americans spend billions of dollars on herbicides every year to get rid of Plantain and other useful “weeds”. We have become so separated from God’s beautiful creation that we are unknowingly killing some of the best medicine He gave us!

As with all herbs that you find in the wild, be certain that they haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals before using. So, I hope you find some of these wonderful plants! Good luck!




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