DIY Spider Repelling Spray

Right now spiders are coming into our home to escape the cold weather coming, so since we don’t like finding that we’re not alone while doing laundry, I came up with a solution. Spiders don’t like Peppermint, so that is the active ingredient. This a very simple recipe, it only requires three ingredients. I used fresh peppermint when I made mine, but I think dried would work too.


DIY Spider Repellent 

1 cup water

a handful fresh Peppermint (or two teabags)

5-10 drops Peppermint essential oil

 Pour 1 cup boiling water over the Peppermint, and let steep overnight for fresh  Peppermint, and 30 minutes for dried. Strain into a spray bottle and add the essential oil.


To use: Spray around doors and windows.

Since this is water based, it will only last for 3-5 days, reapply as needed.


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