Herb Challenge! Week #3

Thank you for your comment Melissa: “I was wondering what you knew of Pearly Everlasting. It’s in season right now and I was wondering how best to make the most of it.” 

Pearly Everlasting is a Strawflower-like flowering plant that is everywhere in most of the United States! I discovered that Pearly Everlasting is best used in flower arrangements (that’s were the name “everlasting” came from), other than in medicinal preparations, so this herb challenge is about flower arrangements!

I am blessed with a friend who is great at putting together gorgeous flower arrangements! Here are some of her tips:

1. Place larger flowers in the center of the arrangement and smaller longer flowers up top.

2. Fill in extra places with foliage.

3. Smaller flowers can be placed around the perimeter of the arrangement.

4. Use floral foam or floral tape to hold you arrangement in place.

5. Then add flower preserve to the water to keep your flowers healthy longer. If you do not have the little packets that the flowers will usually come with you can use aspirin in its place. Works just as well. 🙂

6. When you are processing your blooms, remove the leaves and cut the stem at an angle. If you’re cutting a branch, you can make a snip in the stem to help it absorb water.

7. One technique to make your arrangement wild is to add branches. Have the branches to be different lengths and different angles. This part is really important as you are creating the structure for your arrangement. Pay attention to the placement of each branch, they shape the bouquet.

8.  It’s always a good idea to group your flowers. Rather than creating a polka-dotted look, put multiple flowers of the same type in a little pod.

9.  Another tip is to pull your flowers slightly away from one another. When all of the flowers are at the same level, you start getting that rounded look, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not going to result in an organic shape. You also want to give your flowers breathing room.

10. Check your arrangement for holes and fill them with your small blooms. Allow the flowers to flow in their natural direction and then place them where they fit the shape of your arrangement. Jasmine provides a great example. If you hold up a piece, you’ll see that the vine twists and turns in all directions. Don’t fight the natural curves. Use them to your benefit and place them where they will create some interest in your floral work.

11. If you are making your bouquet ahead of time you can always put it in the fridge to keep it looking fresh or even putting it outside works just as well. It actually might be better to put it outside so it’s not crammed in the fridge with whatever else that could be in there.

12. A few things that you can do to keep your flowers to last longer… 1 Cut the stems at a angle.2 Use an hammer smash the ends of woody stems to help absorb water better. 3 lightly spray them with hairspray (mostly on the undersides). 4 Last but not least, change the water often.

13. The colors in your bouquet don’t need to directly match. But the bouquets should ALWAYS have a transition color to bring the different shades together. Plus, think about how you’re combining flower shapes and textures – the key is to find a balance.

“The beauty of flower arranging is that you can easily try again if you’re not happy with the shape at the end. If you’re just learning, you could make an arrangement and then make a new one the next day. Keep practicing and enjoy your flowers!”

Thank you for sharing your tips Sarah! 🙂

I hope you have fun!



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